“I am mine. Before I am ever anyone else’s”

I think this is beyond important. Once you learn this and apply it to your life you become a much happier person. It’s easier said than done however. There’s no easy part in changing your life to better you. There are things you’ll leave behind, people you may hurt but you have to eventually learn to do things for you, be you. Not in a selfish, the world revolves around me way of thinking. However if right now in your life you are constantly bending over backwards to please someone, how is this beneficial to you? In a relationship, whether it be romantic or not, you mustn’t lose yourself. And if the relationship is meant to be then that person should support you and push you to better yourself always. Never settle for anything less.

I spent a long time being someone else’s solely and in turn wasn’t true to myself. I lost myself for a long while, lost who I was and in turn hurt people in my life who truly cared and loved for me, all to live a life I felt alone in. I finally found the strength to start searching and bettering myself again. It’s been the best decision I have made to date. Now i can’t remember that last time I was truly unhappy. Nor can I recall the last time I let someone walk all over me or made me feel less than I am or deserve. I do things that make me happy and don’t waste my time on people who don’t bother trying to be in my life. Or waste my time on people who have a negative impact on my life.

As a woman I think it’s extremely important. There are to many girls out there with not enough self respect and who don’t realize that there’s more to
life than trying to get a guys attention and doing anything to keep it. If he is worth it then he’s not going to treat you like your just some other girl, or make you feel like your easily replaceable. He should make you feel irreplaceable. Just as you are. There is only one you and only ever will be one you. I think if all women had a little more self respect and confidence in themselves we wouldn’t have a world full of men who think they’re the shit and can get any girl they please or have multiple at a time.

Just love yourself enough to know what you deserve.


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