My Dream for this Blog

I have a dream for this blog, I want to share my stories and personal experiences on events in life, in hopes that people can relate or learn from my journeys and decisions. Even if I can help someone realize that they are never alone, that there is someone else going through or that has gone through something similar to their situation, I will be satisfied. I want to inspire people to have the strength that we all have deep inside of us, to get through all the crazy things life throws at us and face difficulties head on.

I have been thinking about writing for a while now. I feel its SO important to share things that we are going through or have been through in our lives with others, after all its very likely that we will all, one day go through something similar. It’s nice to see how other people managed to get through, how they coped, how even when the world felt so dark and heavy they managed to find their strength. The light at the end of the tunnel.

Life’s not always easy, it is not always a peaceful walk in the park. Sometimes things go real great for a while, then somewhere out of the blue, life decides to throw you a curve ball. That’s when it gets rough. Sometimes it feels like nothing is ever going to be okay again, like it’s a crazy downward spiral, one thing after another. I want to share it all with you. I want this blog to be about both the happy and the sad. The moments in life where you are so happy you could fly but also the moments so tough you don’t know how you are going to get through the day.

I’m the type of person who will read for hours on end; quotes, poems, blogs, whatever I can find that relates to what I’m going through. It makes me realize I am not the only person in the world who has been in a bad relationship, suffered from heart break, fought with loved ones and/or friends, felt alone, felt sad, felt so angry at the world, someone has been through something like what you are going through and guess what? THEY MADE IT & lucky for all of us they have lived to tell their story. It also makes me love deeper, be stronger and aim to be a better person everyday. I want people to feel that way about my blog, I want you to relate, to find strength through my words. If I can reach out to only one person my dream blog has come true.

So here it goes!

Follow! Comment! Let me know what you think about the pieces and also PLEASE leave suggestions. I feel I have a lot to talk about and if you have a topic you would like me to give my opinion on, lessons learned, how I managed, ANYTHING please let me know and I would love to share with you all.

3 thoughts on “My Dream for this Blog

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  2. rita kowats

    Your page is lovely, and I am glad you decided to write! We need any different voices out there. Thank you for following Spirituality Without Borders. I look forward to meeting you there in the spaces between the words.

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