A Thing We Call Freedom

This whole “it’s SO disrespectful to put up Christmas lights &/or decorations before November 11” is absolutely insane. When did this become a thing? Having a Christmas tree or Christmas lights up before November 11 in ABSOLUTELY NO WAY hinders me from remembering those who have fought for our freedom (which includes freedom to put up a Christmas tree whenever I please. To have turkey & on days other than holidays. To say the things I want. To have freedom in my life, and so on) While I am thankful for my life & those in it EVERY DAY of the year. The months October – December allow me to celebrate my life. Celebrate the family and friends I have been blessed with. To gather for large family feasts. Basking in the love that is shared. Thanksgiving always starts to bring the hectic year to an end. We can sit and reflect on all we have accomplished (or not) and enjoy quality time with those dearest to us. The holiday season for me begins with Thanksgiving. Because before that, the last holiday would have been Easter. The holiday season for me is not your materialistic Christmas. Gifts & presents & unnecessary money being spent. The holiday season is about love. Family. Appreciation. Being thankful. Thankful that I am able to have a comfortable life, where I am free to have my own opinion. Free to work where I want, wear what I want, love whom I want. Thankful that I get to spend another day with those around me. Thankful that while my significant other may be out of work, I still get to spend another day with him. Thankful that I get to come home to a loving family. Thankful for waking up each day.

Christmas & the holiday season have forever been my favourite time of year. It’s never been a time of year where I have spent loads of money of gifts. It’s where I have spent hours creating things that remind people just how much I love and value having them in my life. Anyone who knows me knows I love sentimental “gifts” don’t buy my something I don’t need. Write me a letter about why you value me. Why I am important in your life. Why you are thankful when you wake up each day that you are still able to communicate with me. I am thankful each day, especially as I see current events in the news about war and terror in other countries that I live where I do. That I have been blessed with a life some only dream of. I am thankful that people gave their lives so we could live as we do today. While we are all entitled to our own opinion, this opinion of how “disrespectful” and “terrible” of a person you are if your lights and decorations are up before November 11 is unbelievable. You realize these people putting up their lights and decorations are happy. They are spending time with family. Making memories doing these activities while you are scowling and getting “offended” by these “disrespectful, disgusting” acts. You are literally making something out of nothing. A harmless act.

So this week as we prepare for another day dedicated to those who gave their lives, I will be even more thankful than I am each day. As I come home and turn on the lights on my tree, I will be thankful. I will remember. I will stop as those lights turn on and remember the stars the world gained as those men and woman gave their lives for you and for me. And on November 11, even tho my tree is up & decorated, I will take a moment of silence. I will remember.

If this situation causes you to scowl. Please remember while you are scowling and hating I am sitting here thanking whatever higher power there is that I am waking up today surrounded by people who love me and whom I love. I choose to be thankful and that in the end is all that matters. Isn’t it? Cut the disrespect crap because it makes no sense what so ever.

Perhaps the ones I love won’t be around during the “scheduled” Christmas times. So I choose to spread a little extra joy now. What’s wrong with bringing a little more joy into this sometimes god awful world. Anyways I’ll go back to my disrespectful life, I just needed to get this out because every time I hear “omg you CANT do that! It’s not November 12!!!) all I can think is that ACTUALLY because of those who gave and continue to give their lives I AM able to do such things. I am able to be free. If I want a Christmas tree up in April or July I’ll put up a god damn Christmas tree. Try to stop me. Last I checked this wasn’t against the law. And should that day ever come, those who have fought for our freedom would have fought and given their lives FOR NOTHING.

Signed by a True Believer in the REAL MEANING behind Christmas,


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