Some of Life’s Beautiful Secrets

  1. Everything happens for a reason. This sounds cliché, but it is true. We often can not see the reason for something happening at the time, but one day when we look back, the reasoning will be crystal clear. I have learnt to trust the process.
  2. Time with family is time well spent. Every moment spent with loved ones should be cherished.  Time is not guaranteed. Life can change on a dime. It is important to always live life like it was our last moment. Tell people how you truly feel, reconnect with lost friends, be the change you wish to see and most importantly, always lift people up.
  3. Laugh often. Laughter is the greatest medicine and it is such an amazing feeling to truly laugh. Those laughs that make your belly ache. Live for those. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard it hurts.
  4. We are too young to ever be miserable. You are never too old to change your life. We should never spend more time in misery than we do happiness. Remember this. Live this.
  5. A year, in the grand scheme of life, is not a long time. When it comes to your whole life, one year is just a chapter. I have been in 2 “long-term”relationships both about 3 years long. However this time spent is so small compared to the life I have lived and the life still ahead of me. A year will fly by before we know it. Each month that comes and goes, we always say or hear “I can’t believe its already July!” or “Where did May go??” Live each day to its fullest, embrace all the lessons and learn from mistakes.
  6. Never “settle” because of time, you do not ever have to settle. If life is not happening as you wanted, or is not fulfilling your desires. Change it. Change your job, end a relationship, say what is on your mind. The power is all yours. Never settle for anything less than everything, everything you deserve, everything you have wanted.
  7. In times of high stress, remaining calm, omitting a calm energy will be the key to success. In my few years of experience with animals so far, I have learned to remain calm in high stress situations. Animals feed heavily off your energy, if you remain calm, it helps them to remain calm as well. Freaking out and getting mad over a situation doesn’t help and only makes it worse. Whether the situation be escaped animals running loose in the neighbourhood or an animal being hurt by another, always do your best to remain as calm as possible.
  8. The bond between a human and an animal can be amazingly strong. It is amazing how 2 beings of different species can connect without even ever speaking the same language. The understanding between this bond is unbelievable. It is absolutely magical how we can connect with other species. Always be kind to animals.
  9. Love is stronger than anything in the world. If only we would all let love in. Love for each other. Love for animals, Love for all living and non living things. I experience more each day, the meaning of love.
  10. Nature is spectacular. I have opened my eyes within the last 3 years to the beauty that lies within nature. The northern lights, the towering mountains, the way the weather can change almost instantly, the power mother nature has to grow and destroy at the same time. Within this new-found appreciation, I have grown.
  11. The past is not something to regret, but to learn from. We must take important lessons from the past and learn from them. We are constantly learning new things, becoming stronger and better people. Forgive yourself for the past, celebrate and embrace the future.
  12. Starting over is scary. But in the end it is so worth the rewards. Learning to love yourself again. It is never fair to put ourselves in an unhealthy situation and not remove ourselves when we always have the power to do so. It takes a lot of strength, but that strength is always within us, we just sometimes have to look for it. Again, never settle.
  13. People are brought into our lives for a reason. They are also taken from our lives for a reason.  As always, this reason isn’t always clear and it seems so very unfair. You have to trust in the process. Learn new things, hear new stories. Cherish every moment. Suffer through the pain. However, you must always love and never let those who are dearest to you slip away. Make a conscious effort in maintaining a relationship with those important to you, even when life gets hectic. It all happens for a reason, trust it.
  14. The mind is a powerful tool. Work with it. If it is positivity you want, you must think it. The mind attracts what it thinks. Negative attracts negative and when you turn that to positive, wonderful things start happening. Try it.
  15. “Trust your gut” Always. If your gut is telling you no. Then do not proceed. Intuition is another powerful thing we all possess. We must learn to listen to and trust it. You will be amazed if you actively start listening to yourself. You are smarter than you credit yourself for.

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