Kindness Will Always Prevail

Always be kind to people, especially those who are unkind to you.

I believe that mean people, bullies, are broken and hurting inside.

Some people are cruel in hopes that by cutting someone else down, it might put some pieces from their broken puzzle back together, make them feel whole.

Instead of retaliating and fuelling their fire, choose to forgive them.

When they spew hateful, hurtful words, smile, tell them you forgive them and hope they one day find peace and walk away.

Then pray, to whatever higher power you believe in, simply put it out to the universe;  That this person one day is able to forgive whatever is holding them back and that they may find happiness.

Do not waste your energy dwelling over those who hurt you. Forgive them, wish them well and move on. Fight the urge to stoop to their level and give them one piece of their broken puzzle, Hope.

In the end, always choose love,



Kindness Will Always Prevail


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