July 17, 2018

Happy Tuesday!

A little quote to get you thinking and thriving through the day!

How true; There are NO failures, just discoveries.

The mind is such a powerful tool. We, as humans, don’t even understand all that it is capable of. What we can confirm, is that having a positive, growth mindset can change your life. Don’t believe me? Stick around and try it for yourself.

Looking back at your past, you can choose to be ashamed at the way you may have acted, upset that people hurt you the way they did, and spend your time dwelling on things that you wish you knew back then.


✔️You can choose to be present in the NOW.
✔️You can choose to look back at all those past “mistakes” and change your perception of them.
✔️You can be thankful that you were given that mountain to climb, after all it was through the journey that you learned the things you did.
✔️You can choose to forgive the people who hurt you. We are all human, we have all made mistakes and there is no need to dwell on things we can not change. You can realize that people change, people grow apart and not everyone that was in your past will be in your future. You can thank them, for teaching you. Teaching you how people shouldn’t treat others and how we SHOULD treat others. For showing you what kind of people you want to let into your life and which ones you should steer clear of.
✔️You can choose to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself because you are a better person today, you have grown and learned from everything that has happened to you, whether you realize it or not. (I hope you do)

Notice how all those points start with YOU CAN. You can choose to look at the glass half full rather than half empty. You can choose how you react to situations.

I hope you take the steps to let go, learn from and appreciate your past. I hope you can laugh at the silly things you did. I hope you can take everything you have learned, apply it to today and your future.

Be open to change and allow yourself to have a growth mindset. Recognize that there is always room for growth. Be the best version of yourself, everyday.



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