It begins;

The butterflies take flight,

Your’re finding yourself drunk on love,

Craving their presence like a drug,

“Can we just be together all the time?”

“This is it. I am in love.”

And in the blink of an eye…..

Just when things seem to be okay,

The switch is flipped….

“Why are you talking to me like that?”

“Why are looking at me like you hate me?”

“What do you mean it was a mistake?”

The lies surface,

The truth hits you like a ton of bricks.

“Why didn’t I see it before? How could I be so blind?”

You’ve been an unlucky victim; blinded by “love”

“Why didn’t I listen when they warned me….?”

Now you’re walking away,

Trying to hold the pieces of your heart together.

“Where did I go wrong?”

Tears fall as you lie in bed, your heart breaks apart inside of your chest,

“Why does it hurt so bad..?”

The tragedy is heart break. The way you can feel your heart fall apart and the pain is near unbearable. How did it go from something that seemed so magical at the time to this?

Everyone remembers the first time they felt their heart break…. reflecting makes my heart hurt. I can feel the pain like it was yesterday. Laying in bed, crying…. holding myself as I cried out “Why does it hurt so bad?”

At the time, it was as though the pain would never end. Happiness would never find me again. I had lost all the light in my life.

I promise one day you will see the light again, I promise you will find REAL love. Once you heal and grow through the pain. You will only come out stronger.

If this is you, I promise you are never alone and it does get better. Take it day by day and soon you will see just why this tragedy had to happen to you.

Life is a beautiful gift full of lessons. Grasp them all and learn from them.



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