Why Write

There is something about feeling the words leave my body, suddenly my fingers are magical little wands. Wands full of unmeasurable power. Thoughts begin flowing from my mind, through my body and in the lengths of my fingers, magical words are produced.

There is nothing like watching my thoughts transform into words, reading them for the first time. I have just given them life, they are mine. I am the first one to read these words, I have the power to give them meaning. More than that I have the ability to affect someones life. These may be the words someone needs to read. Perhaps it will change their day around, make them look at their situation with a different view. To me, that is worth it all.

Expressing myself through words is my favourite release. Being someone who feels things very deeply, many situations leave my mind wondering. Sometimes dwelling on a situation, event, or thought for days on end, it will keep me up at night and distract me during the day. The thinking does not stop until I have released it, composing it into words. Only then can I move on.

From the beginning, I have longed to reach out and connect with individuals on a psychological and emotional level through my writing. There isn’t a piece that I have written that does not have my whole self put into it. Each piece is a part of me. A part of my soul and everything I believe in. This is the closest thing to creating magic for me is this.

I thank everyone for all the loving support, for encouraging me to continue doing what I love. I am grateful that we are able to freely express ourselves, although this can be scary at times, it is a wonderful blessing.

All my love,


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